Google domain shuts down. What are the alternatives?

Google domain shuts down. What are the alternatives?

There is no shortage of excellent domain name registrars on internet. There are literally thousands. However, Google domains in my opinion was one of the best. The reason being that it had a very simple interface, did not try to sell you unrelated products and most importantly when you booked domain name using Google, you could automatically validate it with all google services such as search console, analytics, adsense and so on. This in my opinion was the reason why I switched to Google domains from GoDaddy.

Google domain service shuts down what does that mean ?

Unlike other google products, Google Domains is not really shut down or killed but it is rather sold to Squarespace. Squarespace, like Goddaddy is a Domain name registrar. But their primary business is selling their extremely expensive hosting and site building services which in my opinion are simply not worth it.

Google has stated that the current Google domains site will continue to work except it wont allow you to book new domains. For new domains you are expected to buy them from Squarespace. Over next year Google will move your domains and data to Squarespace and at that point you are expected to use squarespace.

Integration with Google

It is not clear at this point if Squarespace will continue to have seemless integration with Google's other services where you have to constantly verify your domain. For example, you might have to rely on TXT or other methods of domain name ownership verification.

This means there is no reason for you to use Squarespace over other providers like GoDaddy.

Alternative is Google Cloud Domains

What very few people know is that Google Cloud has Cloud Domains service which until recently used Google Domains as the underlying service but will now switch to Squarespace. However as a user you need not care as it would be seemless experience for you. You can continue registering new domains names and configure them from Google Cloud Console. I have also verified that such domain name ownership gets verified automatically in other Google services.


So far I have not seen any noticable pricing differences and more details on pricing are here.