Generative AI for UI

Generative AI for UI

Generative AI for UI

I highly recommend using generative AI to build better and high quality UI interface. You can use ChatGPT, Github Copilot or Google Gemini. It does not really matter which is the best tech as there is some kind of arms race between companies about building the next big bad AI model. As a result most of these technologies are remarkably good.

Why use GenAI for frontends

Writing UI code is one of the boring aspects of our jobs. Writing the same layout, same alignment, same padding and margins and reinventing the new wheel every single time has problems. The good news is that AI is extremely good at learning from such work and can do that work for you. For example Google Gemini can easily write an entire functioning web skeleton for you.

Write a react typescript component that render a month view of calendar in a responsive way. Use tailwindcss.

You will notice that this prompt will generate very detailed code for you.

Try it out here.

Writing the exact same code will take you few hours on your own and even if you are an expert you are likely to forget the right class names, miss out on few edge cases and so on. This code however is functional though might not be 100% of what you want it to be. But it is much easier to modify it than writing it from scratch.

Be more productive with Gen AI

Gen AI will make you a more productive developer by generating a lot of code for you. But since these models learn from rest of the world, they also teach you a lot more about right most common way to implement something. That way you learn to read code and learn best practices from it.

This makes you both more productive as well as more skilled. It also frees up your time to learn more complex aspects of your work.