Interview Questions: How to answer when you don't know specifics

Interview Questions: How to answer when you don't know specifics

Why asking too specific knowledge based questions is wrong.

A lot of interviewers these days rely on questions picked from internet. They often look at things like "good redux interview questions" and simply ask candidates those.

The problem with such interview strategy is that it is a terrrible measure of candidate's skill when you are not really hiring them for the specific narrow skill set. Many job description dremand React, Redux, and 15 others kills while expected candidates to have deep knowledge of APIs and such of these libraries.

Even Google or Apple or Microsoft do not ask such questions.

How to answer when you do not know the answer ?

Here is what in my opinion is a good answer when presented with a quesiton where you simply do not remember the specifics.

Answer 1:

In large scalre projects we often do not use direct low level APIS but we have higher level abtractions built around Redux APIs or Axios APIs. We often rely on those, so I do not know the details of the specific APIs unless I am allowed to look at the documentation.

Anwser 2:

Even though I have used Redux a lot for global state management, I do not think I ever interacted with Redux store directly, we have simpler abtraction libraries written around the core functionalities. Without refering to the Redux documentation I do not think I can answer this question accurately.